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Goldstar Chefs. Serving the British Asian Cuisine Industry.

Goldstar Chefs are a specialist recruitment agency for the British Asian hospitality industry. Based in Glasgow, London and Birmingham , Goldstar Chefs offer recruitment, training and business support to restaurants nationwide.

With innovative recruitment and retention mechanisms and an unrivaled knowledge of the industry, Goldstar Chefs are at your service as the UK’s first choice for specialist chefs and managers.
Discover a unique service characterised by care, reliability and attention to detail with a personalized approach for your business.

Goldstar Chefs are pioneering new ways to address staff shortages in the British Asian hospitality industry. Sourcing top talent locally, nationally and internationally Goldstar Chefs are providing an effective approach to your recruitment needs.

Goldstar Chefs recognise the importance of maintaining high standards through quality staff training. Reap the benefits of engaging with the Goldstar Chefs training and skills development systems and access to funding for up-skilling and cross-skilling staff.

Non-EU Recruitment Support
As a specialist recruiter and authorised legal adviser Goldstar Chefs offers you specialist expertise in Sponsor Licensing and Tier 2 Sponsorship to support the recruitment of non-EU skilled chefs and hospitality professionals. Gain (and retain) your sponsor license through an exceptional understanding of sponsor compliance for your industry.

Optimise Your Business
Goldstar Chefs can assist you in reducing complex (often volatile) skill dependency, and thereby high wage costs, whilst increasing quality and consistency. Transform your business with the 3S formula; simplify, standardise, systematise.

Market Support
Do you want to be as busy as successful restaurant brands? How do they do it? Goldstar Chefs understand the competition of this specialist market and offer advice and support on staying ahead of the curve. With a belief that innovation brings in more than renovation, Goldstar Chefs can help you stand out from the crowd.

Your Future by Goldstar Chefs
Shape your future with an entrepreneurial and visionary approach to your recruitment needs and business plans. Take advantage of our intensive campaigning and true support of your industry.
Visit and start your Goldstar Chefs journey.

‘The future depends on what you do today” – Mahatma Gandhi

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